Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

  • The satisfiability problem for Boolean set theory with a rational choice correspondence
    Domenico Cantone, Alfio Giarlotta, Pietro Maugeri and Stephen Watson
  • A linear-size cascade decomposition for Wheeler automata
    Giovanna D’Agostino, Luca Geatti, Davide Martincigh and Alberto Policriti
  • Finite state verifiers with both private and public coins
    M. Utkan Gezer and A. C. Cem Say
  • A heuristic for the P-time reconstruction of unique 3-uniform hypergraphs from their degree sequences
    Michela Ascolese, Andrea Frosini, Elisa Pergola and Simone Rinaldi
  • Large deviation properties for pattern statistics in primitive rational models
    Massimiliano Goldwurm and Marco Vignati
  • Step-by-step Robustness for Biochemical Networks
    Ruggero Lanotte, Desiree Manicardi and Simone Tini
  • Utility-Sharing Games: How to Improve the Efficiency with Limited Subsidies
    Vittorio Bilò, Lucaleonardo Bove and Cosimo Vinci
  • L(3, 2, 1)-Labeling of Certain Planar Graphs
    Tiziana Calamoneri
  • Density of Ham- and Lee- non-isometric k-ary Words
    Marcella Anselmo, Manuela Flores and Maria Madonia
  • The Quantum Cyclic Rotation Gate
    Arianna Pavone and Caterina Viola
  • DisTL: A Temporal Logic for the Analysis of the Expected Behaviour of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Valentina Castiglioni, Michele Loreti and Simone Tini
  • On the number of equal-letter runs of the Bijective Burrows-Wheeler Transform
    Elena Biagi, Davide Cenzato, Zsuzsanna Liptak and Giuseppe Romana
  • When Input Integers are Given in the Unary Numeral Representation
    Tomoyuki Yamakami
  • Termination of Rewriting on Reversible Boolean Circuits as a free 3-Category problem
    Adriano Barile, Stefano Berardi and Luca Roversi
  • Setting the path to the combinatorial characterization of prime double square polyominoes
    Michela Ascolese and Andrea Frosini
  • On the Weak Continuation of Reverse Bisimilarity vs. Forward Bisimilarity
    Andrea Esposito and Marco Bernardo
  • Complexity results for some fragments of set theory involving the unordered Cartesian product operator
    Domenico Cantone and Pietro Maugeri
  • Properties of a Computational Lambda Calculus for Higher-Order Relational Queries
    Claudio Sacerdoti Coen and Riccardo Treglia
  • On the k-Hamming and k-Edit Distances
    Chiara Epifanio, Luca Forlizzi, Francesca Marzi, Filippo Mignosi, Giuseppe Placidi and Matteo Spezialetti
  • (Not So) Boring Abstract Machines
    Ugo Dal Lago and Gabriele Vanoni
  • Algorithmic View on Circular String Attractor
    Giuseppe Romana


  • On graphs that are not star-$k$-PCGs (extended abstract)
    Angelo Monti and Blerina Sinaimeri
  • On the Parameterized Complexity of Computing $st$-Orientations with Few Transitive Edges
    Carla Binucci, Giuseppe Liotta, Fabrizio Montecchiani, Giacomo Ortali and Tommaso Piselli
  • (Eternal) Vertex Cover Number of Infinite and Finite Grid Graphs -Extended Abstract-
    Tiziana Calamoneri and Federico Corò
  • Linear realisability over nets and second order quantification
    Adrien Ragot, Thomas Seiller and Lorenzo Tortora De Falco
  • Testing Wheelerness of Regular Languages
    Ruben Becker, Davide Cenzato, Sung-Hwan Kim, Bojana Kodric, Alberto Policriti and Nicola Prezza
  • Tropical mathematics and the Lambda-Calculus
    Davide Barbarossa and Paolo Pistone
  • Assembling coherent network topologies using round-trip graphs
    Marino Miculan and Matteo Paier
  • On the (Im)Possibility of Estimating Various Notions of Differential Privacy (short paper)
    Daniele Gorla, Louis Jalouzot, Federica Granese, Catuscia Palamidessi and Pablo Piantanida
  • Two-dimensional Dyck words (Extended Abstract)
    Stefano Crespi Reghizzi, Antonio Restivo and Pierluigi San Pietro
  • Schelling Games with Continuous Type (Extended Abstract)
    Davide Bilò, Vittorio Bilò, Michelle Doring, Pascal Lenzner, Louise Molitor and Jonas Schmidt